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A lawyer's guide to Oxford's Christian Heritage, the Bible and Archaeology

Future Tours:


The Bible in the British Library and the British Museum Tour

11:00 - 15:00

£15 per person

Meet in the foyer of the British Library

Sat 25 Nov

Oxford's Christian Heritage Walking Tour

10:00 - 13:00

£10 per person

Meet at the Martyrs' Memorial

Sat 13 Apr 2024

To book a place email:


Booking open for private tour groups. 


About James Greig

        James is an enthusiastic guide, well used to 

         ‘cutting a channel’ to make complicated topics

          accessible and relevant. He studied Law at

           Kings College London and Theology

          at Cambridge.  His career in private legal

          practice in London and Oxford was broken by

         9 years in full-time Christian ministry, teaching

       the Bible in collegiate cities and inner-city

    London. He is married to Emily with two adult children. 

James has visited many of the best-known museums in the world for manuscripts and biblical artefacts, including the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Ashmolean in Oxford, Oriental Institute in Chicago, Louvre in Paris, National Archaeological Museum in Athens and Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem.  


He has been on two archaeological tours in Israel.  He enjoyed the first one so much that he was asked to lead one of the groups on his second tour!  He has led tours in the British Museum for over 30 years and trained a number of other guides.

   PRIVATE TOURS             

These can be tailored for businesses, conferences, charities, schools, colleges and church groups, but guide prices are as follows


A handout

Comfort break

An expert tour guide

All entry fees included

Museum donation made on your behalf

The Bible in the British Museum and

the British Library

Typically 3 ½ hours, including break

Up to 20 people


The Bible in the Ashmolean

Typically 2 ½ hours, including break

Up to 15 people


Oxford's Christian Heritage Tour 


Includes entry fee to a college or Divinity School

Typically 2 ½ hours, including break

Up to 20 people


Oxford's Christian Heritage Tour 


Typically 2 ½ hours, including break

Up to 20 people


Discover the Bible through a tour of the British Museum and the British Library

Uncover the Bible in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum

Empty Street

Explore this city of big ideas and inspiring movements which have shaped Christianity around the world.

Compare legal practices then and now through the will of Naunakhte, an Egyptian mother under the reign of Ramesses V

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