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Ashmolean Museum

“From Creation to Oxford to the Ends of the Earth” 


Upcoming Tours:

The Bible in the Ashmoleon

Saturday 23 Nov 2024

10:00 - 13:00

£10 per person

Booking open for private tour groups in 2024

To book please email:

Vespasian coin.jpg

About the tours of the Ashmolean:

Who will it suit?  

Everyone will enjoy the tour, but the lowest age is probably around 16.  Most groups are mixed in age and background, including some who are unsure about the Bible, and the tour will be pitched accordingly.  You have to be physically able to walk between galleries, although there are lifts if stairs are a difficulty. 


Artefacts will include the Gilgamesh epic, Assyrian palace wall reliefs, first-century Roman nails, the Jewish 'Passover' potsherd, a Dead Sea scroll jar, Vespasian gold coin and the Alfred Jewel.



We spend an hour on the Old Testament, and after a coffee break spend the second hour on the New Testament and Church History to the present day. 


£10 per person


"I liked the way we got an overview from creation to Oxford and to the ends of the earth... I just loved everything about the tour." 

Teacher, Botley

"Your presentation was reinforced that Christians do believe the truth"                                                               

Legal executive, High Wycombe

"I think the highlight was the way you added a Christian perspective to the objects - in particular pointing out the profound differences between the Gilgamesh epics and the Bible's creation narratives."                                                                                                 Physicist, Wantage

"It gave me a lot to think about, particularly regarding the history of the early church."                                                                             

Retired couple, Headington

Previous Tour Groups:

  • Anglican churches

  • Catholic men's group, the Catenians

  • Independent churches

  • Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

  • Home school groups



To access the handout for the tour, click the image to the right

Final Instructions:

Meet at the front entrance at the start time

Aug '22 - Ashmolean handout_edited.jpg


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