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British Museum Tours

“If you have an interest in the Bible and  like learning, you will love the tour!” 

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Upcoming Tours:

The Bible in the British Library and the British Museum

Saturday 10 August 2024

11:00 - 15:00

£15 per person

Meet in the foyer of the British Library

Booking open for private tours in 2024. See homepage for pricing

To book public or private tours please email

About the tours of the British Museum & the British Library:

7. Cyrus Cylinder (Ezra 1)

8. Cylinder of Nabonidus (Daniel 5)

9. Royal Steward Inscription (Isaiah 22)

10. Lachish Letters  

11. Amarna Letters (Joshua’s conquest)

12. See the face of the Pharaohs of Joseph and the Exodus 

Who will it suit?  

Everyone will enjoy the tour, but the lowest age is probably around 16.  Most groups are mixed in age and background, including some who are unsure about the Bible, and the tour will be pitched accordingly.  You have to be physically able to walk between galleries, although there are lifts if stairs are a difficulty. 

Highlights of the Tour:
1. Rosetta Stone (key to the hieroglyphs)

2. Codex Sinaiticus (oldest Bible in the world at 325AD)  

3. Codex Alexandrinus (3rd oldest NT in world)  

4. Taylor Prism (Isaiah and Hezekiah)

5. Lachish Relief (Isaiah and Hezekiah)

6. Black Stele of Shalmaneser III


1 hour in the British Library, 1 hour to walk to the Museum and have lunch, and then 2 hours in the British Museum with a ½ hour tea break.  We end at the Museum, which is close to Holborn and Tottenham Court Road tube stations (both Central Line). 



£15 per person

The Bible in the British Library and British Museum

The Bible in the British Library and British Museum

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An overview of the tour & an interview with James Greig


"Seeing the link between biblical texts and non-religious historical accounts was enlightening."


"I really appreciate the gentle exhortations, the engaging stories and the pace that all contribute to an excellent learning experience."

Ruth-Abigail Williams 2016

"The start with the extraordinary treasures from Ur was one of the best and most "brain-catching" introductions to any lecture/demonstration I have ever attended."

Retired Gentleman 2009

“The Tour to the British Museum and Library was awe inspiring. It was great seeing things that confirmed what I believed in for so long. I left the tour thinking " There is a God he is alive!”

Marlon Oliver, February 2006    

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Previous Tour Groups:

  • All Nations Christian College

  • Carey Baptist Church, Reading

  • Christ Church, Abingdon

  • East London Church of Christ

  • Holy Trinity, Redhill

  • Magdalen Road Church, Oxford

  • Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

  • Oxford Schools' Chaplaincy

  • Rock Baptist Church Cambridge

  • S.A. Gemeente, Guildford


To access a digital version of the handout for the tour, click the image above 

To access final instructions for attending the tour, click below 

Final Instructions: