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Final Instructions:

The Bible in the British Library and Museum tour – final instructions

Start at British Library foyer next to St Pancras station in London.   We will eat lunch together in the Great Court of British Museum.  It is a good idea to bring packed lunch, but not essential as there is a cafe.  Sitting down at lunchtime is recommended.  If weather is fine, we may have lunch outside in leafy Russell Square.  Photography is allowed in British Museum; bring cash if you want to buy books or souvenirs.  There are cloakrooms in both British Library and Museums if you have bags or coats you want to deposit – the Library cloakroom is free but the Museum cloakroom costs (£3 I think the last time).  We will spend 1 hour in the British library and 2 hours in the British Museum with a 1 hour lunch break in-between.  I will bring handouts, so you should not need a notebook.  I will make a donation to the Museum and Library from your contribution.  We are booked in as a group so will need to stay fairly close to these times.

We may need to be flexible with exact start time.  The majority will be coming from Marylebone and will have very tight time margins.  Some calm time before we start is advisable.  We can make up some time but not much without cutting the tour.  Those who can get there sooner, you can either have coffee or begin your own exploration of John Ritblatt, but make sure you are back in the foyer for the start time.

I suggest you dress comfortably with appropriate footwear.  Do avoid bringing heavy luggage.  Staying hydrated with a bottle of water is a good idea.  If the day is warm and the number of tourists is high, you are likely to get thirstier.  Do try to have a good sleep the night before and leave plenty of time to travel.  London transport can be unpredictable.  If you arrive at the British Library early, it is a lovely public space where you can sit and have coffee, and the Kings library at the back of the foyer is very impressive the first time you see it.

If you have not yet paid, please slip it to me discreetly on the day.

My mobile number is   07951 379 970 if you are running late and need to let me know.  If you come a few minutes late, you will find us in the John Ritblatt gallery at the British Library.

Enjoy mingling with others in the group!  You will have similar interests already by coming along.

I am looking forward to taking you round very much!  Do pray for me and for eyes to be opened to the truth of God’s word and the historicity of our faith – as Luke said “that you may know the certainty of what you have been taught.”


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